EMAS PSA Series Package Switches are especially distinguished by long life, ease of installation and compliance with installation holes of all other brands. In all series products, ease of installation is achieved by the screw present on the front of the handle, and also the design which allows easy cable connection thanks to the large cable connection holes attract attention. 

EMAS PSA Series Package Switches 50 A
 series can have their finger protection plates be removed if required to connect with wedge. 

EMAS PSA Series Package Switches
 have successfully passed all tests that were applied for around six months before they were introduced to the market, and they can be specifically manufactured according to the customers and their needs and answer all kinds of needs with its large product range and accessories.

PSA series accessories; namely the Package Box, In-Switchboards Installation Plate and Rail Installation Apparatus allow Package Switches to be adapted to all kinds of applications.

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